About Us

Why We Exist

The artisan bread culture in Southern California is very rich and has been growing, but why is top quality artisan bread still so hard to get hold of? Unlike our European brothers and sisters, we do not have convenient access to this category of baked goods. The “artisan” bread that we find only once every two weeks on our trips to the grocery store is not all that unique - and often not all that artisan. We do not have neighborhood bakeries in every corner combined with centuries of bread-making tradition, so true artisan bread is rare and a visit to specialty bakeries is often reserved for a special occasion requiring a special trip... So we had to do something!

What We Do

Through our website, you can order local artisan bread that we will deliver straight to your home. 

The Artisan Truck Why We Exist

Our Artisan Partners

Up until now, the best local artisan bakers have been providing businesses like high-end restaurants and catering companies with delicious, unique bread you cannot find at any grocery stores. So we decided to partner with them to make their bread available for you to have at home!


Our current partners:

Crema Artisan Bakery Tarit Tanjasiri Presenting BreadCrema Artisan Bakery LogoCrema Artisan Bakery Tarit Tanjasiri Preparing Bread

Now delivering to most of Orange County!

Stay in touch and we will let you know about special offers.